Auto Framing

Implemented with intelligent video analysis all technology, able to automatically frame all meeting participants in the room.
Technical Value
Detect and frame all attendees, which can be freely applied in different meeting situations. No manual adjustments
are required for the best image quality all times. Make video conferencing more efficient and easier.

Technical Advantages

In Remote Meetings and Other Occasions Where Frame Selection Technology is Required

During the meeting, the participants are in the center of the screen, and all participants are selected
The overall visual effect of the picture is full, and there will not be too much white space around
Adjust the screen according to the number of people present when personnel enter/leave
The frame selection process is smooth and smooth
Auto Framing with No Man Involved
Using Intelligent Image Algorithm
Feature One
Feature Two
Feature Three

Auto Framing All Attendees

Automatically adjust the selection range according to the number of participants.

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The Camera Automatically Zooms Out

To Give a Close-up Picture of the People Present

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Camera Auto Zooms in to Cover

People Newly Coming in

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Anti Interference
Not Affected by Moving Objects or External Environment
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Feature Two
Feature Three

Intelligent Identification

Members of the attendees face / back to the camera, and the camera can recognize and frame。

The face orientation of members of Parliament has no effect on camera recognition.
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Intelligent Identification

Intelligent Resolution of Wall Portraits.

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Strong Anti-Interference Ability

The Camera is Not Disturbed by Moving Objects

Moving Curtains and Changing Light have no Effect on the Camera.
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Auto Framing is widely used in various fields to facilitate your work and life.
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